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Advanced Reflexology


Advanced Reflexology 

This “hands-on” class will offer specific protocols for treating a variety of conditions.  Included are many new techniques, such as working the spinal reflexes on the lower leg and linking them with those on the feet. Students will be introduced to the seven main chakra reflexes on the feet, as well craniosacral reflexes which can be used for relaxation and balance. Instruction on how to treat low back pain and spasm with foot and lower leg techniques (adding reflexes for the lower back muscles and the sacroiliac joint) will also be included. A specific protocol for more effectively treating stress and anxiety focuses on decreasing sympathetic dominance and increasing parasympathetic response. This protocol includes working with the reflexes for the diaphragm muscle and both the phrenic and vagus nerves. There will be ample practice time for all new techniques. In addtion students will learn how to administer a relaxing, rejuvenating, easy-to-apply self-care treatment.

Date: TBA
9:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
 Location - TBA
Tuition:  $225 
CEUs:  8 NCBTMB, 8 NY State contact hours, 8 Florida contact hours




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